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#426000 - Waterman Top Fuel
426 Hemi Wet Sump Oil Pump

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#425999 Optional Scavenger Kit

Wet Sump - available in either 5/16" or 3/8" hex drives.

All Waterman oil pumps have aluminum gears to
maintain tolerances. Dry sump models are also available.

#426000 - Waterman
426 Hemi Wet Sump Oil Pump

The Waterman 426 Hemi oil pump has the same basic design as the existing Waterman fuel pump, a 10 tooth design with some basic modifications for oil system use.     

#425997 - Waterman
Top Fuel Wet Sump Oil Pump
w/Dual Evacuation Pumps
          It is generally accepted that oil pump tolerances do not need to be as tight as fuel pump tolerances. This is absolutely false! The oil has a much higher viscosity than fuel, which means the pump must work harder to draw the oil from its source, be it the dry sump tank or the oil pan itself.  Although we build most high volume fuel pumps with steel gear housings & steel gears, for the oil pump we use aluminum gear housings (for the obvious weight savings) and aluminum gears so they can expand & contract together thus maintaining the same clearances at all temperatures.  The primary pump has a 2”gear section which faces the front of the car for easier access to the dry sump tank. The scavenge section has two 1” gears with a divider giving you the capability of pulling oil from two separate sources.  The primary oil pump has 2 oiling adjustments, an adjusting screw which adjusts the oil pressure at low R P M s and a jet in the front cover that allows control of the volume at higher R P M s.
              Kalitta Racing, Doug Herbert Racing and Morgan Lucas Racing all utilize the single stage dragster version of this pump, and have for several years.
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