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Sid WatermanSid launched his racing career on opening day in 1959 at the Fremont Drag strip in Northern California. He drove his 1955 MG powered by a small block Chevrolet. Shortly thereafter, Sid became a crew member for the legendary Masters & Richter Top Fuel Dragster.  In 1960, Sid built and drove his own Top Fuel car. He quickly realized that he really preferred building and tuning the cars, and leaving the driving to others. After moving to Southern California in 1961, he turned the driving chores over to Ronnie Goodsell. Waterman and Goodsell considered themselves to be ‘west coast’ racers, and collected more than their fair share of wins. Sid’s next driver was Ronnie Martin who unfortunately crashed the car in 1964 and wound up with a broken leg.  As soon as the car was rebuilt, Sid put Ronnie Hampshire in the driver’s seat, where he remained for the duration.

Sid was working for Mickey Thompson in 1967, and trying to campaign his dragster as often as possible.  It was shortly after the 1967 Bakersfield Smokers March Meet that Sid was offered, with Mickey’s blessings, the opportunity to buy out a complete engine shop that was sitting idle at the time.  Sid jumped at the opportunity, immediately retiring from active competition, and Waterman Racing Engines opened its doors.

Over the next few years, Sid’s shop turned out engines and components for numerous champions such as Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, Bob Glidden and a host of others.  Sid ultimately developed his own brand of aluminum Sid is in the centerconnecting rods, as well as his own line of superchargers for hard core racers.  It was during his engine building years that Sid realized the tremendous need the racing world had for really high quality fuel pumps and fuel systems components.  In 1979, Sid and his always supportive wife, Judy, sold the engine building portion of the business, moved back to his native northern California, and set up a new shop dedicated to the development and production of state-of-the-art fuel pumps, and related fuel delivery systems products.   

The first commercial fuel pumps designed and built by Sid were delivered in September of 1982; one to Billy Meyer and one to Gary Beck.  Both cars set new elapsed time records at Baylands Raceway that very same weekend.  Over the years, Sid has developed new port nozzle designs, fuel safety shut off valves, improved fuel cells for NASCAR and a multitude of other products that have provided extra power and safety for racers.  His efforts have not been confined to just drag racing either, as he’s earned a strong reputation in all forms of circle track racing including World of Outlaws sprint cars, NASCAR stock cars, IRL Indy cars, USAC champ cars, sprint cars and midgets, and many other forms of racing.  He’s readily acknowledged as being the leading fuel system manufacturer in the business.

Exhibiting his versatility, Sid found time for many years to work as a color commentator at NHRA National Events, sharing many interesting insights with spectators and viewers - all the time, of course, keeping a close eye on his fuel components business.

In 1975 Sid received the Car Craft Magazine All Star Drag Racing Team "Engine Builder of the Year" award, then followed that in 1984 with the Car Craft Magazine All Star Drag Racing Team "Special Manufacturer's Award" for fuel pump development. Car Craft Magazine recognized him yet again in 1986 with their "Special Manufacturers Award" for his supercharged burst panel. In 2004 Sid was again honored, this time by USAC, when he was presented with the prestigious CNA Jack O'Neil Award for "Significant Contributions to Auto Racing Safety". Today Sid divides his work time between his headquarters in Gualala, CA and his satellite facilities in Indy and Concord. He continues to be the force behind developing WRC products that provide racers increased power and consistency while maintaining his efforts towards always keeping the racer's safety the top priority. Once a racer, always a racer...!!!

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