On December 8th, during a press conference at the annual Performance and Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis, IN, Aeromotive announced a perfect partnership between Aeromotive and Waterman Racing Components. “I had a goal to be able to celebrate my company’s 50th Anniversary, and we will be there soon, come April 1!” stated Sid Waterman, President of Waterman Racing Components. “I am very pleased with our partnership with Aeromotive, since we are the two powerhouses in the serious fuel systems market. I have been watching them since they arrived on the scene 20 years ago, and have always been impressed with their owners, their products, and their aggressive marketing tactics. I knew that if I partnered with them, they have the marketing expertise to take Waterman Racing Components to the next level. I can offer them insight into my fuel pump designs they can incorporate into their own to create a whole new product line.”

“The two companies will not be merged, but continue to be run autonomously,” stated Steve Matusek, President of Aeromotive. “The reason this was such a make-sense decision is that there is very little overlap in the markets we serve – even in the way we go to market. We are able to access and incorporate their impressive design experience and R&D, plus it increases Aeromotive’s company locations to three by adding to our Lenexa, KS plant Charlotte, NC and Indianapolis, IN. In this case, 1+1=3.”

In addition to this breaking news, NHRA was able to confirm that the Pro Mod Series, of which both companies are actively involved, will increase from 10 to 12 races per year. The series added a second Charlotte race and one in Aeromotive’s backyard at Heartland Park Topeka. With four of the Pro Mod races in Aeromotive and Waterman’s plant locations, meeting any fuel system racecar needs during the events will be seamless.