Mega Bertha

The Waterman Mega Bertha Fuel Pump designed with 4 gear sections has a maximum volume output of 116 GPM. Though to our knowledge no team has ever attempted to utilize this much volume, the capability does exist

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While most teams typically run this fuel pump at approximately 600 PSI, the Mega Bertha sees a much higher pressure at and during shut down. Each set of gears utilize a 10 tooth design with a 9 degree offset, this equates to 40 individual pickups for each revolution of the pump, which in turn produces a smooth efficient fuel flow. The Mega Bertha fuel pump and it’s predecessor Super Bertha have won 32 of the last 40 NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car Championships. Waterman Fuel Pumps, the leading edge in fuel system technology for over 48 years.